Saturday, November 17, 2007

Orlando quilt show

Off to the Orlando Needlework show which will have a section for quilters. I love these shows. I come home so inspired and ready to create.
I have attached a picture of my little hexagon obsession.each hexagon is about 1.5 inches.


Finn said...

Hi Fiesta, thanks for the lovely email. I'm so happy you happened to find my blog *VBS* Always nice to see a new face.
You have an absolutely adorable granddaughter! I'm so envious with all grandsons to my name...LOL
Your hexs are just so pretty! They look quite small. I've only worked on one where the pieces are about an other 3 have had pieces that finished at about 2".
Your blog looks wonderful, keep up the great job. Hugs, Finn

Fiesta said...

Thank you Finn.
The hexagons are 1/2 inch. I will post a picture of what will become of them tomorrow.
Thank you for reading my blog. I enjoy reading yours.