Friday, March 7, 2008

And a quilt show it was/ Y un show de quiltos lo era

The Florida botanical garden held an outdoor quilt show last weekend. what a delight! There were quilts on benches, trees, etc.. It was a treat. I posted some of my favorite quilts which I would love to make but cannot find the patterns for them.
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El jardin de flores in La Florida otorgo un quilt show afuea que fue de maravilla. Habian quiltos en los bancos de sillas y alrededor de los arboles. El dia estaba tan bello. Aqui puse fotos de 2 quiltos que me fasinaron pero no puedo consequir los patrones.
Besitos a todos.


Karrin Hurd said...

Looks like a great quilt show! BTW, thanks so much for the great Spring Quilt. I received it yesterday and it is just perfect, and I love it!

Fiesta said...

Thank you! I sent it early so you can enjoy the spring. Once I saw your applique I knew I had to make it for you.

Kathie said...

I couldn't respond to your question on my blog as your email is set as no reply.
A postage stamp quilt can have repeats, I can't imagine one that didn't if its going to be 10,000 squares!
If it did not have repeats it would be called a postage stamp charm quilt.
Mine will have repeats thats for sure :)
can't wait to see a block or two from you!