Saturday, March 29, 2008

A New Bargello in the making/Un Bargello Nuevo

Just after I completed Bonnie's bargello quilt from quiltville, I knew I had to make a more modern version so I selected this fabric from the Westminster line.
I started sewing it last night and I hope to have my first row tonight.
The colors just sing to me.
Despues de acabar el quilto de bargello que ven hacia bajo, decidi hacer uno con las telas de la compañia Westminister. Estas telas y diseños son mas de mi agrado. Comence a coser anoche y espero tener una fila completada hoy. Hasta pronto.


Finn said...

Hi Fiesta, I had to pop over and see where you keep those stitches running *VBS* Thanks for stopping by my blog, Pieces, and leaving a comment. Always nice to see a new face!
The scrappy bargello you did with the SuperBowl group turned out well. My first one was scrappy like that also. I found that I really like a co-ordinated one much better and have gone on to make 4 or 5 more.
Are you going to have each color track across as a complete row? It just means keeping them the same in each section as you make works well.
Love the Westminster colors you've chosen.
And a great postage stamp quilt also. Those sure are alot of sewing. Do stop by again if you'd care to, you are always welcome *VBS* Hugs, Finn

Fiesta said...

Thank you. I always enjoy your blog. i will post a picture of my new bargello soon.