Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car Hexagon Quilt

This is the hexagon scrap quilt I had started many months ago. I think I can say it has been a year. I only work on it when I am the passenger in the car or when and if I watch t.v. at night. It is starting to look like a giant hexagon. I try not to repeat the patterns but there are a few. I enjoy working on this. I do not know when I will finish it. Don't know if I want too.


Quilting Cindy said...

Love the quilt! I wish I had the patience to make a whole quilt by hand.

Catherine said...

What a great hexagon top in the making! I love working with hexagons and always have a few sitting waiting to be pieced. Haven't done much with them yet -- but they're waiting. :-)

Ulla said...

I used fifteen years to finish a hexagon quilt (five years it was just resting). This one looks like a happy quilt!