Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brillante Premio web-log Award

Toni from the quilting piratehttp://thequiltingpirate.wordpress.com/ felt that I deserved this award. The Brillante Premio Web log award.
Thank you Toni.
Now it's my turn to pass this award. I love these sites and every morning they are my daily reads.
Colene at http://russellcolene.blogspot.com/ is very down to earth and always creating wonderful things.
Cindy at http://quiltingcindy.wordpress.com/ is very family oriented and like me loves to design tea towels.
Juliann at http://juliannsblog.blogspot.com/ loves sue Spargo, Jan patek and hand quilts many of her civil war creations.
Material Obsession at http://www.materialobsession.typepad.com/ is based from Australia and they make lovely quilts using Kaffee Fassett colors.
Debbie at http://www.makinquilts.blogspot.com/ is literally always making quilts. Big ones too. I do not know how she does it.
Kathie at http://www.inspiredbyantiquequilts.blogspot.com/ is also into civil war patterns, hand quilting and always coming up with the most unique creations.
I have several others but they already have the award.


The Quilting Pirate said...

Looks like you got it to work right! I just got home and read your email, sorry for not responding!

I forgot about Cindy being she is moving right now...doh....I should have nominated her as well-I love Cindy!!

Great blogs and some new ones for me to read!!

Kathie said...

thank you !
what an honor....I really appreciate it.
I just love antique quilts and keep making quilts to reflect that.

Juliann in WA said...

Thanks for the award - I do love Sue Spargo