Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Time!

It's time to clean my sewing room!
As you can see this is really a walk in closet. One thing I love about my house is the closet space. This is the closet in my spare room. You could actually fit a bed and dresser in my daughters closet and my closet has an upright dresser in it too.
So I need to organize my fabrics before I go back to work next month.
Even though I have 2 sewing machine set up in here, I rarely sew in there. Only if my other two machines are being serviced.
I quilt on my Bernina in the dining room and I sew in the spare room right next to this closet.
How does your sewing space look?


SG said...

Uau! That's a lot of material... it means you have to spend some (a lot of)time organizing it...
I keep everything in boxes in the guest room and that is not very functional... But when someone stays in I just move them to another place!

Helena said...

I have just finished my quilting studio, but untill now I have had to use our kitchen table. I´m jealous of all your material, lucky you!

The Quilting Pirate said...

so your sewing takes over 2 different rooms!! Boy, you have a wonderful husband to allow that! LOL I hear ya on the cleaning's always fun to rediscover fabric you purchased as well! :)