Saturday, August 9, 2008

Time to go

Well it's time for my grandaughter to head back North and today was our last day with her for awhile.
We decided to beat the heat and spent the afternoon with her in Bush Gardens.
She was a delight.
We will miss her.
Here she is with me when we first arrived. She had not taken her nap so she was tired.
The second picture shows one of the beautiful flower arrangements at Bush Gardens with our darling girl.
In the last picture she is having fun with grandpa.


jovaliquilts said...

Oh, it's so hard to say goodbye! I hope you get to see her again soon!

Quilting Cindy said...

Lily is too cute for words. I had thought she was possibly visiting. Hope everyone had a wonderful time.

Margaret said...

Your granddaughter is a beautiful child. I do have to say that you don't look "old enough" to be a grandmother.

Regards, Peg

The Quilting Pirate said...

ahhh...hugs hun. At least you all have wonderful memories to last a life time!