Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hinterberg frame

Has anyone ever used a Hinterberg frame?
I like the looks of this one since I do lots of hand quilting.
Please provide me with some advice before I take the plunge and buy it.


Karen said...

I tested one like it. Made by Quilters Woodwork in Canada, a few year ago, at a quilt show. There was something about it. I don't know. I was on a kitchen chair at the time. I wondered what it would be like in a soft chair. You can only sit one way when using it. I decided it was too much money to spend, if I was not 100% sure. I ended up getting a 14" maple hoop and an 18" maple half hoop for borders. I'm happy with my decision.

Margaret said...

I also found it uncomfortable to sit on. The lady I saw demonstrating it told me it was comfortable. She let me try it. NO WAY!! I presently use 2 sizes of hoops, like Karen. Regards, Peg