Monday, October 13, 2008

Color Alert! Picture Heavy

Well, October is a wonderful time here in the part of Florida that I live in.
Like Spring, everything seems to bloom before it freezes in the winter.
My yellow cassia trees are a sight. I love them so much that I rooted them so I have tons around the perimeter of my home and I even shared with the neighbors so we all can bask in the display of color.
I also have some papaya growing though I wish I had thrown the seeds in a more sunny area. Fuchsia mallow from seeds obtained in Puerto Rico , buttercups and finally the bougainvillea bloomed.
This is my favorite time of year here.


Karen said...

What a nice splash of colour. How true...that everything seems to bloom before it freezes.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Its funny, I seem to always want the season I don't have. We had snow on our green leaves and last budding flowers. I miss the summer now. But it may be back up to 80 later in the week. Sigh. Your flowers are beautiful.

Dionne said...

How lovely, and so different from where I am now! I shouldn't have been away from your blog for so long! (I think almost a week now) and I missed so many wonderful pictures and projects!