Monday, October 6, 2008

Dear Jane Block

Toni from the quilting pirate has inspired me to continue working on my Dear Jane blocks.
I had completely given up on this because the blocks were getting much harder.
So slowly but surely I make one here and there. Ironic how something so small could take so much time.
Also, I decided if it is not perfect I am still keeping it. I am not perfect anyway so why should my quilt be perfect.


Ruthie said...

Good for you! I have some of my first Dear Jane blocks that I said I might re-do, but I doubt that I ever will. I think I have about 85 blocks made, but haven't touched it in a year or more.

Quilting Cindy said...

I'm glad you going forth with your Dear Jane, they look really hard. Something I would never try especially since I prefer applique' over piecing. Can't wait to see the next block. Are you just getting started or do you have several blocks made?