Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving company

Why is it that when a billion people are scheduled to come over for the holidays, the house suddenly seems really dirty???
Well, I have 14 people coming over for Thanksgiving dinner and putting the dinner together with my husband is not the problem. We both love to cook so that is the least of our worries.
Our house basically stays top clean but now it is time to deep clean.
The list is so long that my daughter begged to work the weekends at her job so she could get out of it. (Just kidding)
As I was scanning the furniture, I did notice that the ottoman looked a little bit too used.
Hence, I quickly went to work and whipped up this mini quilt to cover it with.
Making it was easy even though I got up at 5 in the morning to make it. Quilting it was another dilemma.
I have never channel quilted anything more than a small 20x20 quilt. This one is 40x40 and I found that as I guided it through the machine, it would shift a bit and make a few puckers.
I hope my company does not decide to examine it from the back.
Suggestions to improve this technique are always welcome on my blog.


Christina said...

Are you using a walking foot. I haven't tried this but the same thing happens to me (that's one reason why I mostly hand quilt)and it was suggested to me. It's very pretty though.

em's scrapbag said...

The little quilt is lovely. As for puckers I'm still learing but I find if I pin real good and start in the middle I have fewer problems.

Rhonda said...

A walking foot will definitely help and try that temp. glue spray.

Jean said...

Very cute, a quilt for every spot in the house....I love it!

Hannah said...

Check this site out for some great tips:

Tine said...

I love that perfect little fall-quilt! The puckers are not visible to anyone but you, I am sure :)
Oh....and I love the term "top clean"...that made me lol!!

Quilting Cindy said...

14 people at Thanksgiving. Your housewill be bursting with laughter and fun. Enjoy! I like the quiltlet for the foot stool.