Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear Jane Binder

With much talk going on these days about Dear old Jane, I decided to give it another whirl thanks to Toni's advise from The quilting pirate.
How do you keep the blocks you have made organized?
I have them in a binder and when I make the block I pin it next to the picture.
The blocks shown were made over 1 year ago.
I did not know about paper piecing so I pieced them the traditional way.
I stopped working on Dear Jane because the blocks were very complicated for me and the program does not have directions on how to construct them.
After chatting with Toni she suggested that I paper piece them.
I have tried it and was successful in making a few of which I posted about a few months ago.

Thanks Toni.


Mam said...

Cool idea! I find keeping organized takes as much time as the quilting.

Jean said...

Nice blocks, like how you have organized them. That is half the battle, being able to find what you want, when you want it.

Christina said...

The blocks you have done are wonderful, I have a plan to start one this year I was going to use a pizza box but I love the binder idea. Thank you.

Lily Boot said...

oooh you're a brave stitcher - the Dear Jane Quilt would have to be the most daunting I have ever seen! It is so very beautiful and you have organized it so well! Good luck :-)

Half of the Style Sisters said...

Your blocks are really pretty. I am just starting to quilt and have almost finished my first one!

Thanks for sharing