Saturday, January 17, 2009


The Fat Quarter shop had these luscious fabrics on salein December.
I had been wanting to get the Andalusia fabric since it has a Spanish feel to it but I could never find it in a mixed set like the Fat Quarter Shop offered it. I hope to make a Spanish quilt for me.
The other luscious fabrics are to use as the idea arises.
Off to get them washed. (They look so pretty like this though)


Eileen said...

Lovely fabrics! Can't wait to see what you make.

Mam said...

I love the feel and the look of crisp fabric before it is washed. As soon as I arrive home I throw the fabric in the washing machine. I only bring it into my sewing room after it is washed, less confusing for me.

Jean said...

Oooh, this fabric is lovely...don't think I have come across it yet. What pattern will you use for a spanish feel?

Reading blogs is like going to the candy store every day.

Calico Road said...

i really like the fabrics!

Can't wait to get you know you better through the Sew Connected 3 group.


Jane said...

A sensible person would really save up for Fat Quarter shop Dec half price sales and I was in not too bad shape but the Aussie $ was reflecting the mess in the world and was not in good shape.
But I did go a little beserk.
Must take photos as I don't think I have done that yet.
Went a little mad, with the help of a friend, on the fairy frost fat quarter pks. Also got two Bali Pops at $15 and now they are back at $30 I feel so good.
Splurged on charm packs at $4.50 to sew something.
Re washing, I have got a wavy blade for an old rotary cutter and if I am going to wash fabric and I honestly prefer to use it without washing ...but am wary of reds and so wash anything suspect...but I hated the fraying. So now use the wave blade on the rotary cutter to even up the ends and Yeah! no fraying and I can easily tell what has been washed.