Saturday, February 7, 2009

Complete Guide to Quilting

While I was off in December recuperating from my Gallbladder surgery life went on at school
That means that secret Santa gifts were exchanged and because I was not there I was not able to receive mine.
I was hoping they would have been delivered but come on , it was Christmas break and everyone has their own lives!
At first I was upset because I would have loved to have seen what my secret Santa had gotten me but after awhile I was OK with it because I had little projects I was working on so I was OK with waiting for after Christmas.
Well upon my return I was so thrilled to find out that my Secret Santa was one of my administrators and this is the book she gifted me amongst so many other things that I was speechless. ( Like a gift certificate to my favorite eatery).
Well it turns out that I did not have this book in my collection and I had been searching for a new guide but I really did not know which one to get.
So I was so pleased.
There is a complete section in this book on what size to cut half squares to make a certain size block. This is always a struggle for me. So now this book basically lays open in my sewing room because one of my goals this year is to become better at piecing. I am awful at it and I need to perfect it so I can grow as a quilter.


Pat said...

I, too, never know what size squares make what sized half-square triangles. This sounds like a great book and worth the wait you had for it!

Jean said...

What a nice surprise. It is nice when people give what they know you love!

Karen said...

That's a nice gift. I have the book and refer to it often.