Friday, February 20, 2009


Throughout the summer last year I was reading alot about the hand quilting method of the Thimble lady. Her method is supposed to be painless.
Well because I just have to try every needle out there and thimble of course, I spotted her needles on my trip to the Suwanee Valley quilt shop in Trenton.
I have tried many needles and in my personal opinion I like Rosanne's the best. I purchased a pack of 50 in the summer and I still have about 40 left. They rarely break.
If anyone is interested in owning the Thimblelady needles , I still have 25 of them ( there are 26 in a pack)and I paid $5.50 for them if anyone wants to buy them.


Jean said...

What was different about them? Seems like a needle is a needle...but then I don't do tons of hand quilting.

Christina said...

I discovered the gold eye needles and love them, I'd also like to know what is different about those.

Pat said...

I am such a dope about needles....don't know that much about all the different sizes, types, etc. Seems like you are pretty needle-savvy!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Funny, I just barely picked a pack of these up. I haven't tried it yet.

janet said...

I have done a class with Luixin but I don't use her method. I have those needles and use them for applique, they are fine and the different metal means the needle slide in and out quite nicely. I bend all my applique needles with the heat in my hands. I must try the Roxannes?