Monday, February 9, 2009

Trim the Trees

I guess since I have blogged about it 3 times we can assume that I really liked the Suwanee Valley quilt shop though I only purchased 2 things there.
This is the second item I purchased.
I had no intention of making anymore Christmas themed stuff this year since I have plenty, but this little quilt was hanging in there and I would love to try it.
It is very small and paper pieced.
Will I get to it? I don't know but it looks cute.
Please share with me if you have made one. Would love some pointers.

Along other lines I want to make my daughter a birthday towel for her 18th birthday but I am having a hard time finding an applique birthday cake. Does anyone have a pattern I could borrow or a link to one??


Pat said...

This link is to a cupcake castle birthday pattern that QN has online. It is paper-pieced, but I think you could easily do it as an applique design. Maybe this will give you an idea or two.

Rhonda said...

About the birthday cake could Google it using key words along with cake; applique; embroidery. I've had success that way. Hope that helps.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Paper piecing is not my favorite.

The Quilting Pirate said...

what an adorable little shop!! I'm going to be in Florida (Orlando) area, but I don't think my friend wants to drive 2 hours to a shop :(

I can't find any "free" patterns, but Debra Gabel at a pattern call Celebrate that has an awsome cake...though it's huge, you could shrink it down?

Have you tried some coloring books to create you own patterns? Here's some you can use:

Eileen said...

I like paper piecing.. that tree pattern does look VERY cute.

I see you got some good suggestions on the cake appkique. did you find one then? I would probably just find a picture of a cake and use it to make my own pattern.