Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's next??

Last summer June/July 2008 I started using Bonnie's leader and enders system.
A neighbor who used to quilt gifted me bags of Pre-cut scrap fabric pieces from the 70's and 80's. They were not to my taste but I figured I could use them here and there.So I came up with the ugly fabric quilt . My personal task was to try to make it pretty. ( I think I may have posted about this last year??)
That is where Bonnie's system comes into play. Because I mostly applique, I never have neat little pieces of fabric left over. So I sorted these bags of fabric by sizes and started piecing them.
In between I added some of Judy Rothemals civil war prints, ( just to have something of mine in it) and I came up with this quilt top.
The border came from a scrap bag a local quilt shop had for $3.00 and it coordinated very well with the color scheme.
So I made this basically for practice. Once done I wanted to gift it but it kind of grew on me.
This is the next quilt I will hand quilt. Lots of straight lines!
I apologize for not laying it straight for the picture. I had furniture in the way.

I was thinking about adding some big applique flowers?? Comments and suggestions are welcomed.


Barb said...

What a nice quilt....and I looooovvvvveee applique and maybe some real big flowers would be fun??? It looks great just the way it is.

Pat said...

What a fun project. I think applique would be neat on, stars, whatever! Please update us as you work further on it. I, too, think it could stand alone without applique, but if you love doing applique, why not add that?

Messy Karen said...

what an interesting way to get a quilt done. i love it. a little applique would definitely make it prettier.

CindyCrochets said...

I like it! You could leave it as is because it will be neat with all the different fabrics but applique' flowers, great big flowrs would be fantastic. Can't have a quilt without applique'!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

I really like it! I think a large flower applique would look fantastic.
Sort of like a spring flower popping through a jumble of falling twigs.
(ok, that's a little sappy, but I'm really ready for winter to be over. LOL)

Kimberly :)

Kim said...

Yes, I can see big applique flowers on this fun and innovative quilt. Please post about it when you get the applique done. I'd love to see it again.

Posty Pals said...

I think some applique flowers would give it that extra something. It is a pretty quilt.

Karen said...

Love it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lovely quilt - I think it has enough going on without applique - but I might just say that because I am not an expert at applique like you are.

Jean said...

Very nice quilt, I love large appliqued flowers, so think that would look awesome! How big is the quilt now?

Mam said...

Look at you quilting outside the box! I have a real problem using colours that aren't to my taste. I like the quilt the way it is. Have you thought of making a two sided quilt, maybe doing an applique on the reverse side