Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I can't stop making these.
Yep, I need therapy.
Anyone know a kitchen towel therapist??
This one is for my daughter's future mother in law.
She does not own anything home made so I came to the rescue.


Pat said...

They are cute, but.....maybe if you commit to making some hideous amount of them for some cause or another (or to sell at a craft show), you will find you TIRE of it since you will be under a deadline and THAT will cure you of this "illness". That usually does it for me...something is fun when I WANT to do it, but then when I HAVE to do it, the novelty wears off quickly. LOL

JustCindy said...

lol, at least it is a fun addictions that turns out very pretty every time.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Cute towel! Remember that I said your quilting would drop off now that you have that awesome embroidery machine? Actually, it's good to have a few passions.

Jean said...

Very cute! You could make a little wall quilt for the kitchen using several of wait that doesn't really end the madness, does it?

Eileen said...

That will make a wonderful Mother's Day gift. You are such a thoughtful Mom :-)