Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When the wind blows

When the wind blows.....the leaves fall.
But not here in Florida so I designed my own falling leaves design using the GO cutter.

Such a fun project since it has all my favorite fall colors.


JustCindy said...

I think it is perfect for you. I love the fall leaves on the blue background.

Kathie said...

just beautiful love the blue background in tumblers!!!!
yeah!!! love tumblers

Kathie said...

beautiful quilt, love the blue background and tumblers! yeah, I love tumblers

Yvette said...

Thats great! Perfect for Florida!

Needled Mom said...

Crystal blue skies and falling leaves definitely say autumn to me!!!

Sheila said...

It is just lovely ,looks like you can just pick those leaves right off:-)

Cyndi said...

It's just lovely, Besty! And just don't have to rake those leaves! :o)



Judy B said...

Love the fall leaves on the blue background! Thank you for sharing