Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Making the most of what I have

Since I joined fabriholic anonymous I am still making the most of what I have and not purchasing any new fabrics.
A close friend is having a home built and she wants a set of towels for her kitchen so I am making her a dozen. One for each month.
Since I have been decorating kitchen towels for years now, I went through my stash of towels and re-modified the ones that were not wide enough.
One year I was totally out of towels and I asked my daughter to shop around for me since she lived in a bigger city and all she was able to find at the time were some Target valentine towels.
Because they were not wide enough for my stove or anyone else's I just stuck them in a drawer.
In one of the pictures you will see the small pink Target towel versus my redone version.
I stitched up February 1st so now I just have 11 to go but they are all redone with new borders so it is just  a matter of adding the embroidery.
The design I used I believe came from embroidery library.
stash of towels

Target towel

Target vs my towel redo

The design being embroidered


Sheila said...

What a difference Betsy , I love the renewed look much better and as always your embroidery is wonderful!

Barb said...

That is one of my weaknesses is towels.....I am drooling here...

Heidi said...

My mom and I exchange towels frequently. My husband thinks towels are an odd attraction I have, but my mom understands! Great idea for a calendar set!

I just sent you an email, Fabriholics may be easier to do than you thought - if you keep winning giveaways!

Karen said...

The addition of the border around the towel is delightful. A more custom look.