Sunday, November 11, 2007


I made this hexagon runner by hand. I have an obsession with these hexagons. I just simply love them.
Anyways, it took me months to make because it was my nightime watch t.v. project. I also have an early morning project I work on before going to work.
Now I have to decide whether to hand quilt it or machine quilt it. I am opting for machine since I will get it done faster and be able to display it. I used mostly Kaffett fabrics and I love how it turned out.
What should I do?


Teri said...

how about a bit of both? You could machine quilt around the hexagons then hand quilt the rest of the piece. A happy medium!

Happy quilting!

Fiesta said...

that sounds like a plan since I love the look of the hand stitching.