Thursday, November 8, 2007

Penny Christmas Runner

Generally everything that I create gets to be given away as a gift to someone.

when I look around my home I barely see anything that I have created.

One day as I was getting ready for a road trip I wanted to pack a quilt because I hate sleeping on hotel linens. I went around the house looking for a quilt I could use and I said to myself, " As many quilts as I have made I hope I made myself one" . I was so upset with this concept that I had made so many but kept none! right in front of me was a reproduction quilt I had made. sigh of relief.

So that is when I decided that this year I would create things for our home and not give everything away.

I have made some things to give away but I have made much more to keep.

I made this Penny Christmas runner from the Fons & Porter Sept/Oct . issue. It was a lot of fun and I appliqued stitch and quilted it all at the same time. I also used many decorative stitches for the applique since I had never used them on my machine and I wanted to see what they looked like.


KCQuilter said...

What a beautiful table runner! I need to look that F&P issue up!

Fiesta said...

Muchas Gracias!