Friday, December 12, 2008

Need more time too....

You know Sweet Pea at Coffee time quilts has a wonderful system at home. Everyday of the week she does something different including the ability to work in her sewing room. She dedicates a different day for each household task.
I need a schedule like that.
I need to spend more time taking care of these plants but I also want to quilt.
Maybe Sweet Pea can develop a schedule for me.
(Note, I took this pics in the fall so these plants are dormant right now, but I still need to get out there and spruce it up.)


loulee1 said...

I have a great housework schedule. I ignore it all until it absolutely HAS to be done NOW! LOL
Good luck with yours.

Eileen said...

Yes.. too bad we have to sleep. Although I wonder about some people.. they sure get a lot done!

Christina said...

I try to do the regular stuff each day (like dishes & vaccum)and one more thing like laundry or one shelf. You would think that all would get done, but it is never ending. My yard got no attention this year, I decided to boycot unless someone helped and that never happened. We have a big yard, I may have to hire a boy next year, my have all grown and left home. Remember those sticherys from the 50's with a girl and a hose hold job for each day of the week? I have looked and can't find them, I'd like to put them on kitchen towels. Boy, I can ramble when I want to avoid housework.

Dionne said...

Your flowers are so beautiful, it's winter in Seattle, which means I haven't seen even a glimpse of blue sky in eons! SO I love to see pictures of flowers this time of year where the weather is still hospitable. Oh, and If you find the perfect schedule, will you share it with me?


PS - I still owe you some postage, you were so sweet to not mention the extra charge, but I haven't forgotten!

sMC said...

umm sounds like a great idea but would I stick to it lol I think loulee has the right idea.

Your plants look so healthy.

Jean said...

I'm with loulee1 on the schedule thing.....only problem is I am to the week when it has to get done as I have company coming....ohoh!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love the garden day is totally mapped out from start to finish...(painful I know but that is the only way I can operate)