Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An ornament is made!

I have been wanting to make some ornaments while I am recuperating from my surgery but I could not find anything to make anywhere.
I wanted to start making them for my kids but I wanted unique items for them, easy and not stressful for me.
posted this wonderful tutorial for her owl ornaments and I knew I had to make them.
she was so kind to help me with the pattern. My father in law who was visiting from Ohio had just brought me bells from my mother in laws sewing room so I had everything I needed to make these.
This is my first one and I can see my flaws , like I need to work on that satin stitch nose, but I like it.
I am going to cut out some more so I can have plenty for my kids.
I want to make unique ornaments for them.
Thank you so much Eileen


Mam said...

How sweet!

Quilting Cindy said...

How cute! Your kids will treasure the ornaments.

Jean said...

I want to make some of these too...my daughter loves owls.

Debbie said...

that is tooo cute!!

Christina said...

So cute, I have to try them. thank you

Kathie said...

how cute is this
ok, eileen from maryland? forgot the blog addy...something porch!
will have to check out her blog for the pattern I must have missed it
these are adorable my girls would love these
how are you feeling, better I hope

jovaliquilts said...

The owl is adorable! Hope you are recuperating well.

Tine said...

You did great! These are not easy :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Isn't Eileen wonderful. I love the owls and yours is so darling. Good for you. I hope you are recovering.

Eileen said...

Betsy, it is really a sweet little owl! Thank you for showing it.