Thursday, March 12, 2009

The 1st row

OK, we will all agree that I have completely lost it!
A co-worker has the Cricut die cut machine and she made me a sheet of 3/4 hexagons.
Here is my 1st row of 10.
My husband says this will be a quilt for Barbie.
These hexagons are tiny . I put a sample of one next to my allergy pill to show the size.
It is alot of fun and I'd like to see how far I will take this.
I am using all the 1.5 inch charms I collected for the postage stamp quilt I was going to make. I have to trim these squares to 1-inch but this is alot more fun than the postage stamp quilt.
Stay tuned.
Join me in this crazy endeavor.


Barb said...

That really does look like alot of I am crazy with you!!! Just think of all the lunes walking around!!!

Anonymous said...

Hia Fiesta thanks for visiting my blog.

What a useful way of using up those tiny scraps of fabric. Well done.

christine said...

Yesterday I stitched my first two hexies together...they are just like potato way can I stop at one or two!

CindyCrochets said...

No, it doesn't look fun to me. It will be fun to watch you do it. Did Barbie tell you what size quilt she wanted? ;o

Jean said...

No comment on your state of mind...but those are so cute...I take it she cuts the papers with her machine? It will be so cute...not sure I have the patience, but would like to try it sometime on a bigger scale.

Pat said...

How nice that you have someone who will cut the shapes for you...sometimes that is the thorn in my side that makes me not want to DO anything with hexagons!! Good luck with this and can't wait to see the blanket grow too large for Barbie.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Sorry, the only way I can join you is to watch you and encourage you! I don't have the skills or patience for that little work.

Carrie P. said...

Okay I will just watch you make those tiny things.