Monday, March 16, 2009


My friend Diane wants to make her daughter a quilt from selvages since they seem so popular now a days.
I decided to help her out . So far I have 26 pressed and ready for her.
I am hoping to get into my fabric stash in the upcoming days so I can mail her a bunch while I am on spring break.
Give Diane an email if you too are interested in joining me in this endeavor.


Pat said...

Since I have a lot of small cuts of fabric, I don't always get the selvage part with writing on it. (Guess that teaches me a lesson for buying a lot of fat quarters, huh?)

Eileen said...

I keep wanting to do this too.. but my problem is, I never cut the selvedge off before I use up the entire piece of fabric.. so I can remember what it was and who made it. And it usually takes me a long while until I've used something totally up. So I don't have many selvedges!

Jean said...

How big are you supposed to cut them? I have been saving them for a few months now, as I want to try a small project.
You are a good friend!